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x= a*cos(Kx *t) y=b*sin (Ky *t) parametic equation
Solved by E. H. in 18 mins
I need a formulas using only this functions , Mod IF and or round roundup sqrt min max sin cos to figure out how many hrs does a take to do a job Example. 10 to 20k 30 hrs 20001 to 30 k 60 hrs and so on increments of 10 k increments of 30 hrs
Solved by D. H. in 30 mins
Got #n/a error , how to fix it ? =SUMPRODUCT(('Conversion MC Mar'!H2:H10="Siemens")*('Conversion MC Mar'!I7:I10="MAINECARE")*'Conversion MC Mar'!G2:G10)
Solved by E. U. in 20 mins
i cant calculate sin(20*pi*0) 0-80 i need some assistants
Solved by A. F. in 20 mins
I want to add a conversion tool to my spreadsheet
Solved by O. H. in 21 mins