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Management expected the mean survey score to be about 55. Provide a hypothesis test, at a 5% significance level, to test if the population mean survey score is 55. What is the p value?
Solved by F. C. in 23 mins
interested in the effectiveness of two different violence reduction programs to reduce violent interactions. To test for differences randomizes two groups implementing one program to each group. The amount of violent interactions per inmate is presented below. Using = .05, perform an independent sample t-test of significance. Then answer the questions below.
Solved by Z. D. in 30 mins
Average weekly manufacturing earnings were $480 and the standard deviation was $72. A recent sample of 36 resulted in a mean of $450. The standard deviation has not changed. Test the null hypothesis by using 95% level of significance whether average weekly earnings changed.
Solved by Z. A. in 30 mins
Eight men applying to State University had a sample mean and variance on college board tests of 1,050 and 2,500 respectively. The respective numbers for nine women were 1,075 and 3,600. Test at the 0.05 level of significance whether women did better than men on these tests while using the probality of each test case for both samples to be more than 90% but less than 99%
Solved by I. E. in 14 mins
Allan Meyor is tracking the number of work days missed by employees before and after taking part in a company-sponsored lunchtime physical fitness program. Test at the .01 level of significance whether the average number of days missed went down for program participants.
Solved by V. D. in 17 mins