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I am creating a budget workbook. I need a formula that allows: If "Category" = "Savings", "Retirement Contributions", "Stocks" on the '2019 Transactions' sheet then pull that entire row (A:E) into "Savings" sheet.
Solved by X. D. in 21 mins
I need help with a formula to calculate savings based on information in two cells
Solved by B. B. in 11 mins
I need a formula. If I enter location and treatment name only, Plan A, Plan B and Plan C value should appear based on the location and treatment type
Solved by G. F. in 17 mins
{=SUM( IF('NMD Plan'!$AY$3:$AY$117="",0, IF(BW$23>'NMD Plan'!$AY$3:$AY$117,0, IF(BW$23>'NMD Plan'!$AX$3:$AX$117, IF('NMD Plan'!$AU$3:$AU$117=$B$3, IF('NMD Plan'!$AW$3:$AW$117=$BU6, INDEX('Effort By Week'!$D$14:$CY$14, (BW$23-'NMD Plan'!$AX$3:$AX$117)/7 (PROBLEM: this always returns an absolute value, not an array) )))))))}
Solved by O. J. in 18 mins
"You have previously purchased all the listed manufactured items/quatities at the unit cost listed for the ""Current Vendor"" (Column E). You are now allowed to purchase the items from any of the vendors (Columns E-G). In cell K4 (""Maximum Total Savings"") enter the maximum possible savings when purchasing all the listed items/quantity. (The highest savings will come from a combination of all three vendors)"
Solved by C. Q. in 22 mins