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Use the RANDBETWEEN function in Microsoft Excel to select three simple random samples of 10, 50 and 500 days from the population. Using just your samples, calculate the mean, median, standard deviations and mode if applicable for each random sample. [10%]. Compare these outcome figures. How do the mean and SD change with sample size? [10%].
Solved by G. Q. in 15 mins
The sheet names Baseball players, contains salary data on all major league baseball players for year 2015. Generate a simple random sample of size 30 from this population. Calculate the population mean of annual salary. Then calculate the sample mean of annual salary. What is the sampling error.
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I need help to create an excel calculator formula for settlement payment
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A researcher is interested in the effects of family size on delinquency for a group of offenders and examines families with one to four children. She obtains a sample of 16 families, four of each size, and identifies the number of arrests per child for delinquency. The data are as follows:
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I have created a formula with true and false however would like it to be $0 if the cells are blank. =IF(AND(OR('BT Calculator'!C4="Super/Pension",'BT Calculator'!C4="IDPS"),'BT Calculator'!D4-'BT Calculator'!E4=0),180,540)
Solved by O. E. in 12 mins