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How do I interpret this? It's a two sample equal varianced t-test. Is it significant or not?
Solved by A. H. in 19 mins
I have a Kenexa Prove It test to take for Excel 2010 Standard, and I want to know if my skills are up to par. Is there a sample I can take?
Solved by Z. Q. in 22 mins
In the Excel data file, the tab labeled Question 1 contains data on the number of times boys and girls raise their hands in class. Conduct the t-test: Two-Sample Assuming Equal Variances.
Solved by A. L. in 11 mins
A researcher is interested in gender differences in the amount of bail that arrestees have to pay. The data for this study is in the Excel data file, under the tab labeled Question 2. Conduct a t-test: Two-Sample Assuming Equal Variances.
Solved by O. A. in 28 mins
4. A researcher believes that alcohol intoxication might severely impair driving ability. To test this, she subjects 10 volunteers to a driving simulation test, first when sober, and then, after drinking amounts sufficient to raise their blood alcohol to .04. The researcher measures performance as the number of simulated obstacles with which the driver collides. Thus, the higher the number, the poorer the driving. The data is in the Excel file in the tab labeled Question 4. Test whether there are differences before and after drinking. Conduct a t-test: Two-Sample for Means.
Solved by K. Q. in 29 mins