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What I input on sheet 1 row 2 column k I want to show up on sheet 2 row 8 column D and sheet 3 row 9 column H
Solved by B. J. in 19 mins
I have a spreadsheet with about 40000 rows. the combination of three rows and 4 columns is one record. The customer name is in column A Row 1, the street address is column B row 2, the city is column C Row 3, and the zip is column D row 3.I need to create a spread =sheet with Customers in Rows and Address, City, State and Zip in columns
Solved by C. H. in 22 mins
How do I get this the B column to follow Row 2 and Row 3's format?
Solved by M. J. in 30 mins
I need a formula to mark all the rows where row A + B is the same. For example: Column A Column B Row 1 Ok 1 Row 2 Ok 2 Row 3 Ok 1 The rows 1 and 3 should be marked.
Solved by K. H. in 30 mins
i need to multiply single item in row d by single item in row e and put the sum in column l on same row
Solved by Z. U. in 23 mins