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Guys - Please help. I need to complete a dynamic reverse IRR, preferred return. and MIRR calculator that models a fund's capital calls and distribution waterfalls. Then use the total proceeds to calc total fees
Solved by T. Y. in 30 mins
I need a formula to convert a multiplier to a percentage and also the reverse of this Example .332 multipler --equals 66.80% Exmple 66.80% ---equals .332 multiplier
Solved by F. J. in 17 mins
I have created a formula with true and false however would like it to be $0 if the cells are blank. =IF(AND(OR('BT Calculator'!C4="Super/Pension",'BT Calculator'!C4="IDPS"),'BT Calculator'!D4-'BT Calculator'!E4=0),180,540)
Solved by O. E. in 12 mins
Hi ExcelChat, can you explain how to do a reverse hlookup?
Solved by I. F. in 29 mins
I need a formula to reverse distance in feet between several segments e.g 0,1000,4500,10000.........reverse the same the opposite way calculating the distance between 10000,4500,1000,0
Solved by V. Y. in 13 mins