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i need help with pivot tables, my return on investment column is messed up
Solved by F. Y. in 14 mins
Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Calculator I need a calculator to determine an Internal Rate of Return (IRR). calculates the IRR on an annual basis of an irregular stream of 15 payments.
Solved by M. E. in 25 mins
i need a age calculator that return number of years month and days
Solved by Z. A. in 20 mins
Inheritance of $200,000 to return a maximized investment. Three posibilities; Cds which pay garuntee 6%, Stocks with a return of 13%, and Money Mutual Funds with an 8% return. The amount in stocks can not exceed 1/4 of total amount invested. Risk Factors; CDs 1.2, Stocks 4.8, money mutual funds 3.2 Risk factor for the whole investment has to be less than 3.3
Solved by K. C. in 12 mins
What will give you more money: An investment of $25, 000 now with 10% annual return for 30 years, or an investment of $150, 000 (made after twenty years) for 10 years at the same rate of return. Both investments mature at the same time. This exercise shows why it is helpful to begin saving early.
Solved by S. U. in 13 mins