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want to understand difference between SUBSTITUTE and REPLACE function
Solved by G. Y. in 12 mins
Hi, I am having trouble using find and replace in my worksheet. I am trying to find and replace a string of text that is part of a larger portion of text in the cells of one column of the worksheet. The problem is that the find and replace function is replacing the entire cell contents, not the string of text specified in find and replace.
Solved by K. J. in 30 mins
My spreadsheet has several tabs. A formula on tab 1 is referencing data from tab 2. I want to duplicate my formula and then use the Replace function to have it reference tab 3 instead of tab 2. However, when I attempt the replace Excel opens a dialog box to open a different Excel file. Even if I forego the Replace function and just manually change the path within my formula, Excel opens the dialog box. At the moment I can't seem to reference any data on tab 3 on my spreadsheet. What is going on?
Solved by C. J. in 28 mins
My excel sheet ROW name replace column name wise
Solved by C. A. in 30 mins
I need to find and replace text in an excel spreadsheet base on content variables. The find and replace is larger than the 256 character limit.
Solved by F. L. in 26 mins