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I'm trying to write a simple formula for relative change. I keep getting the wrong answer so I know that I'm making a mistake in the syntax. Help!
Solved by O. E. in 27 mins
Cells B2-B15 => Calculate the four digit year using the same relative formula in all cells base on the data in cells A2-A15 (DO NOT TOUCH/CHANGE THE DATA in cells A2-A15; use formulas in B2-B15).
Solved by O. L. in 27 mins
I'm trying to write a formula that will calculate the relative change in oil production since your birth year. I know how to calculate this and I have all the numbers but I can't get the formula right to give me the correct answer.
Solved by V. L. in 28 mins
can you use macro to add a new sheet and auto-populate a specific and relative formula
Solved by X. S. in 19 mins
Insert the PMT function in cell J5 to calculate the first clients monthly payment, using appropriate relative and absolute cell references. Copy the formula down the column.
Solved by V. B. in 19 mins