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I need to replicate the formulas on the hidden tab from the Recurring to the Non-Recurring section
Solved by A. J. in 25 mins
I'm using a VLOOKUP formula on a range with recurring values (duplicates, etc.). I need a formula that will pull unique values when referencing recurring data.
Solved by V. E. in 25 mins
Im creating a cost document/calculator for my new business, which will contain all products that we provide. There are 3 tables which in future will contain potentially thousands of products, these are "installation costs", "Annual recurring costs" and "monthly recurring costs". I need a formula that creates new "customer friendly" tables, based on the data in my 3 tables. So the 3 customer tables would only list the items we have entered quantities against, and strip out the information that customer doesn't need to see (such as our buy pricing and profit)
Solved by G. J. in 14 mins
In cell H8, insert a nested logical function to display the required pet deposit for each unit. If the unit has two or more bedrooms (C8) AND was remodeled less than 10 years ago (cell H3), the deposit is $275 (cell H4); if not, the deposit is $200 (cell H5). Use relative and mixed references correctly. The pet deposit for Unit 101 is $200.
Solved by V. H. in 30 mins
I have a recurring #num! problem that just wont go away
Solved by K. J. in 19 mins