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This formula is working in 2 cells, but when I copy to a third cell it returns #N/A =IF(SEARCH("ALFA",C22),'QUOTE ENTRY'!$J$13,IF(SEARCH("ECKO",'QUOTE 25 LINES NO SUB'!C22),'QUOTE ENTRY'!$J$29,IF(SEARCH("DELTA-1",'QUOTE 25 LINES NO SUB'!C22),'QUOTE ENTRY'!$J$45,IF(SEARCH("DELTA-2",'QUOTE 25 LINES NO SUB'!C22),'QUOTE ENTRY'!$J$61,IF(SEARCH("V-STICK-S 300mm",'QUOTE 25 LINES NO SUB'!C22),'QUOTE ENTRY'!$I$7))))))
Solved by T. J. in 15 mins
Tweaking my Invoice/Quote sheet for Construction.
Solved by D. Y. in 19 mins
Can you please get the formula on the Cushion Quote sheet, cell E51 to work please.
Solved by A. J. in 29 mins
I have 11 worksheets with various options for a quote on them, the options contain details, price and quantity for each option. I want to be able to select whichever options from the worksheets - and for the selected options to be displayed on final quote with description, price and quantity displayed. How can i set this up?
Solved by V. F. in 29 mins
I am working on a quote from a template that we created on Excel. I need to continue to add items and need to carry this quote onto another page, but still keep the same format as on page 1, can anyone help me with this?
Solved by X. J. in 21 mins