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WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY FORMULA? I KEEP GETTING AN ERROR MESSAGE =IF(O3>0.0001,(IF(G3>65,IF(H3="M",(PRODUCT(SUM(140,-G3),K3))/(PRODUCT(72,IF(O3>1,O3,1))),((PRODUCT(SUM(140,-G3),K3))/(PRODUCT(72,IF(O3,1)))*0.85)),IF(H3="M",(PRODUCT(SUM(140,-G3),K3))/(PRODUCT(72,O3)),((PRODUCT(SUM(140,-G3),K3))/(PRODUCT(SUM(140,-G3),K3))/PRODUCT(72,O3))*0.85)))),"")
Solved by G. J. in 14 mins
have two product use lists and I want to be able to count/sum the adjacent cell numbers to get a total product used. product # | # of products product # | # of products want to sum the (# of products) by the (product #)
Solved by C. J. in 12 mins
I need help with a sum product formula tht
Solved by Z. U. in 23 mins
I need to write a formula for Excel this is Total cost of product revenue (D18) Divided by the amount of units (H18) -Giving me cost per product Minus cost to make product (MMCOST!B10) - Giving me cost per product after costs Then times this by the number of units (H18) we have tried =H18*((D18/H18))-MMCOST!B10 but this is not working basic calculation on a calculator is 1022/146 = -2.12 x146 Thanks Rob
Solved by C. Y. in 15 mins
I need help writing a formula using sum product for weighted average
Solved by I. Q. in 16 mins