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i need to enter a formula/function that calculates the B_Price (Base Price) from the P_Price (Purchase Price) using the multiplier in the Mark_Up column. Ensuring that your formula/function is suitable for replication where required formula =(f3*h3) #Value
Solved by S. U. in 22 mins
can u help me to solve the vlookup function for unit price before markup column? =vlookup(D2...?
Solved by E. B. in 24 mins
in the price cell g16 I need a vlookup function to retrieve the price of the ordered item listed in the product and pricing table in the pricing and shipping worksheet
Solved by E. W. in 28 mins
In cell B3 insert a nested MATCH function within an INDEX function that will look up the rental price in column D using the apartment number referenced in cell B2. With 101 entered in cell B2, the lookup function displays $950.00.
Solved by A. J. in 23 mins
how do I insert a formula to calculate the selling price percentage of the asking price excel 2016
Solved by V. E. in 26 mins