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Need help with data analytics assignment, Question 4
Solved by T. L. in 28 mins
Hello Experts! I need help with some college assignment on data analytics in Excel. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
Solved by F. W. in 11 mins
Using Data > Data Analytics in Excel, do a linear regression for each type of car. Put this output on the same page as your scatter plot. NOTE:
Solved by S. E. in 25 mins
Hi There, I am trying to run an analysis on a set of data using a pivot table. Each row contains analytics for an Instagram post. In addition to the analytics it has 'tags' for the type of content. Posts have 3-5 'tags' each. Within the pivot table I am trying to show the performance of each tag and all the related posts to that tag. Reference 'Sheet1' where I have highlighted some comments in yellow.
Solved by K. C. in 29 mins
How do i autocomplete in a column and be able to skip down a few cells and then have excel autocomplete in that cell? ie: I can fill a cell with "Revised", skip down a few cells and put "Completed". I then need to skip down a few cells in that column and have excel give me a predictive text of either of those two entries depending on which first letter i type. I know it can be done because it does it other columns but i cant make it do it in them all.
Solved by C. S. in 28 mins