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Hi I am trying to work a formula to work out the percentage error of a value and then show a PASS or FAIL in another cell. Range Applied k Measured k Specifcation % Error PASS/FAIL 1 k 1.0000127 0.999956 0.011 % -0.006% FAIL =IF(F42=""<0.011%,"PASS","FAIL") this is the formula that i have come up with. The issue is what when the %error is negative it always shows a pass regardless of the specification.
Solved by F. F. in 17 mins
I need a formula that turns a cell into Pass or Fail depending on the content of 8 other cells. Ex: Q3= Fail if any of H3:O3=Fail or Q3= Pass if all cells H3:O3=Pass.
Solved by I. J. in 19 mins
i need help with a formula for pass and fail
Solved by C. D. in 17 mins
If columns BE thru BI are all "Pass", then return status of "Pass" (All 5 columns need to have Pass), If any columns BE the BI contain "Q", then return "Retest" (If even one column has an Q, then it needs to be "Retest, unless one of the 5 columns had a Fail), If Fail appears in any of those columns, then return "Fail" - (Fail always overrules a Q or Pass)
Solved by E. H. in 19 mins
=IF(B23>=75%,"------ PASS ------","------ FAIL ------"), is there a way to use this formula and if it is pass, have it turn green, and if it fail, make if red?
Solved by C. D. in 11 mins