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hello I need help on VBA . I sent an excel spreadsheet to myself with a VBA and when I open in on my personal computer the cells I used the VBA on show #NAME?
Solved by M. J. in 27 mins
I have 2 workbooks open in Excel. Both contain VBA codes. If I close one, should the "Workbook_Activate" event trigger on the other?
Solved by T. C. in 13 mins
Powerpoint will open in vba but the file I need won't
Solved by D. A. in 30 mins
I need some help with vba, my workbook open event is not working
Solved by Z. C. in 13 mins
I have a Excel Workbook called "PSC Dashboard" I have created a VBA which contains a running digital clock. In order to keep this running I had to protect the workbook/sheet. I also have a VBA under Microsoft Excel Objects then in "ThisWorkbook" that runs the macro as soon as I open the specific file. Option Explicit Private Sub Workbook_Open() startClock End Sub The problem occurs anytime I open another Excel Workbook the running Macro "PSC Dashboard" takes over any other Workbook. I want to keep my PSC Dashboard open yet not have it interfere in my non related workbooks I have open. Thank you, Eugene
Solved by C. J. in 19 mins