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using a two way chart to create a data table
Solved by K. H. in 16 mins
I have three tables on three different worksheets. One table is an input table where the data is entered, and the other two tables use the data from the input table to make calculations. Is there a way to get the calculation tables to autoexpand when a new line of data is entered into the input table without using VBA?
Solved by O. A. in 29 mins
I have a table with categorical data - some data points have just one categorical data point and others have multiple. Can I create a Pivot Table that tabulates each data point individually? In order to do this, is there a way to separate the data points in the column so Excel knows where one data point ends and the next starts - I'm currently using spaces (e.g. "I2b E4c" : I want Excel to read this as one data point for "I2b" and one data point for "E4c", rather than one data point for "I2b E4c").
Solved by D. F. in 20 mins
I am having issues creating the one way data table to show the means and standard deviations when you change the proportion of portfolio 1. I have the mean formula and the standard deviation formula at the top and -1 through 1 down the left side. I highlight all of it and create a data table. I reference the "proportion of portfolio 1" cell in the column input box but when the data table comes out it has all the same numbers all they way down the table.
Solved by G. Q. in 30 mins
Hi there, Is there a way to add multiple columns of data in a single pivot table?
Solved by B. Y. in 17 mins