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I need to change date to next business day 5am if date/time stamp is past 6am. Example Tue 13-Feb 6:01AM would need to be Wed 14 Feb 5am
Solved by K. W. in 23 mins
I need a formula in column 'S' that looks at a 'date & time' in column 'R', and if the time in 'R' is after 4pm, I need column 'S' to populate with a 'date & time' that is 8am of the next business day.
Solved by A. A. in 18 mins
Need help with British Gas/Business Gas/Scottish Gas as they can pay three different ways 1. if D2="British Gas/Business Gas/Scottish Gas",C2="British Gas/Business Gas/Scottish Gas" then minus 180days from G2 AND USE EOMONTH 2. if D2="British Gas/Business Gas/Scottish Gas",C2="does not =British Gas/Business Gas/Scottish Gas" look at date in B2 ,IF DATE IS >01.02.2018 THEN USE THIS CODE WHICH IS THE MAIN CODE '=IF(E2="Pending Reg",EOMONTH(G2,1)+0*(DAY( ETC
Solved by B. H. in 16 mins
Hi I am using today function in my cells.but next day it changes the date automatically. How do I lock the day
Solved by G. B. in 25 mins
Column A "Date Received" Column C "Priority" is validation list with options P1-P6 Column D "Due Date" .. How do I make Column D calculate the due date, based on which option is selected in Column C in conjunction with the date in Column A? PI = Date Received P2 = Date Received P3 = Date Received + 1 day P4 = Date Received + 5 business days P5 = Date Received + 14 business days P6 = Date Received + 30 business days
Solved by D. U. in 14 mins