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Hello, i have a shopping list and meal plan work book and would like to see if there is a way for the shopping list to change when i change the meal
Solved by S. Y. in 17 mins
I am trying to add additional days (actually subset of days) to the excel weekly meal plan template on the meal planner sheet. Currently it only gathers data from the 7 day week that is autofilled. I would like to add three versions of each day, (Monday Breakfast, Monday Lunch, and Monday Dinner etc.) and have the data be handled the same as it is now. When I attempt to add more rows, the data is not taken to the shopping list.
Solved by X. C. in 28 mins
I want to create a meal plan database. One one sheet I would have a meal plan with calories, vitamin/mineral counts, serving size, etc. On the other sheet, I would have a list of all the food items from which my meal plan would draw with the calorie, vitamin/mineral counts, serving size, etc. associated with those food items. My goal is to be able to enter in the name of one of these foods on the first sheet and have the rest of the columns with food information populate based on the info from the second sheet. Is this feasible?
Solved by K. E. in 22 mins
i need help in creating an excel incentive plan . I have a plan but need to put that in excel sheet
Solved by O. W. in 24 mins
{=SUM( IF('NMD Plan'!$AY$3:$AY$117="",0, IF(BW$23>'NMD Plan'!$AY$3:$AY$117,0, IF(BW$23>'NMD Plan'!$AX$3:$AX$117, IF('NMD Plan'!$AU$3:$AU$117=$B$3, IF('NMD Plan'!$AW$3:$AW$117=$BU6, INDEX('Effort By Week'!$D$14:$CY$14, (BW$23-'NMD Plan'!$AX$3:$AX$117)/7 (PROBLEM: this always returns an absolute value, not an array) )))))))}
Solved by O. J. in 18 mins