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Using Data > Data Analytics in Excel, do a linear regression for each type of car. Put this output on the same page as your scatter plot. NOTE: If your regression coefficients do not match the trend line equation for each car type, double check your work 7.Use Excel to calculate the correlation coefficient using the =CORREL command for each car type. Additionally,calculate the coefficient of determination for each car type as well. Put these values near your regression output. Do these values match what you found in your regression output?
Solved by Z. H. in 27 mins
Hello, I have an excel table with these columns: 2 columns - height and width), then 3rd columns - type of visual, and a 4th columns - spec portrait/landscape... I I have about 450 rows, and I want to match the ones with the same specs - so the same height, width, visual type and orientation, how could I do that?
Solved by G. E. in 22 mins
I need to identify specific values to filter out. Criteria: Trans Type = SSA or SRE + Invoice Numbers match + Corresponding invoice numbers both = dept Precious Jewelry Selling
Solved by S. S. in 26 mins
I need help with an index, match, match function. I am trying to return the values in column 'CT' on the 'DATA' sheet (coloured purple), for the appropriate year and veg type, on the 'CALCS HRZ' sheet, column Q (Coloured pink)
Solved by M. Y. in 29 mins
'The value doesn't match the data validation restrictions defined for this cell.' the definition is YYYY-MM-DD, and I type 2019-02-18...still faulty
Solved by E. C. in 18 mins