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hello I need assistance with a Vloopup or match formula
Solved by B. B. in 24 mins
I need help with this formula: =IFERROR(INDEX(Sales,MATCH(B22,CustID,0),MATCH(C22,SaleMonth,0)),IF(B22=0,"Must enter ID number FIRST in the merged cell B22",IF(7=ERROR.TYPE((MATCH(B22,CustID,0))),"NO RECORDS FOUND",IF(OR(AND((MATCH(B22,CustID,0))>0,C22=" "),AND((MATCH(B22,CustID,0))>0,ERROR.TYPE((MATCH(C22,SaleMonth,0)))=7)),"Acceptable Month values ARE April, May, June - case not important"))))
Solved by M. D. in 29 mins
help me with match formula to match two column
Solved by E. J. in 13 mins
Need help using array formula such as index, match or small to fill in cells that match certain criterias on rows and columns.
Solved by A. B. in 23 mins
I need to replace material values with match, and then count all match and not match records
Solved by B. H. in 22 mins