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Here are some problems that our users have asked and received explanations on

i need to find out how many cases have been closed within 3, 6, 9, 12 months
Solved by S. S. in 23 mins
I am trying to show how many employees left in the first 6 months and the first year of employment.
Solved by G. H. in 13 mins
i need formula for gratuity of total years which satisfying below conditions. Condition: Min 4 years 6 months and 1 day if this condition is true then total years becomes 5 years.
Solved by O. E. in 25 mins
I have 6 years worth of financial statements. They have account numbers, account description, and the general ledger balance. Many of the account numbers are the same however there are also many other account numbers that are not used in some years. I need to organize them by having the same account number for each year in the same row. How can I do this?
Solved by F. F. in 30 mins
how to stop a formula, for example Cell A 1 * Cell B 1, for 12 months, B 1 = 10, after 6 months B 1 became 12 but if i put 12 in B 1 then the first 6 months calculation will not be at 10 but at 12, how can it automatically be converted and do not calculate it
Solved by G. U. in 25 mins