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I need a formula to connect information from 2 tabs in the same spreadsheet. The common denominator is the name and I want to update the comments from one tab onto the other.
Solved by T. E. in 24 mins
I have a workbook with three sheets I want to combine on one worksheet. Each workbook has a common identifier for the row. I need to pin the data for each common identifier together. Each sheet is a different length of rows . . . the common denominator is the pin number. I've tried to create pivot table, but at the address fields (which I want to remain in column categories on their own), pivot table tries to lump into a separate subcategory. Help. So close and yet so far.
Solved by D. L. in 28 mins
In column B4:B16, it has fraction within them. For some reason, it will not add these fractions together.
Solved by B. Q. in 29 mins
hello, i want to do an average of fractions but do not understand how to do that
Solved by X. L. in 22 mins
I need help to create an excel calculator formula for settlement payment
Solved by F. W. in 30 mins