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Hello! I have 4 Excel sheets in the Excel startup folder, and when I start my laptop one of them always start with the ribbon not visible, even if the View/Ribbon is marked. The only way to get the ribbon back, is to close this sheet and restart it manually (from the same Excel startup folder). Then the ribbon comes back! Do you have any idea of how to solve this problem? (Resaving the sheet with the ribbon visible does not help).
Solved by I. J. in 14 mins
i can't display the ribbon tab on my MacBook air 2016 in excel.
Solved by K. C. in 15 mins
Excel: I edited an excel file to remove all extra tabs in the ribbon, so that only 2 specific forms were accessible (I had my reasons). But now, when I only ANY other existing or new excel file, they all show the same limited ribbon and there are no other tabs visible in the ribbon. I only wanted this limited feature for a single excel file, not every single excel file. I do not know why, therefore I don't know how to fix it - and I don't know what terms I need to use to google for it - I keep getting setting default font!
Solved by G. C. in 30 mins
I am unable to get datatype "Stocks" to appear on excel ribbon
Solved by T. W. in 15 mins
I have just bought excel 2016. The default path for the PERSONAL file is C:\User\Owner \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\Excel\XLSTART My - BUTTONS - on the ribbon - that run the macros look under the , , , , , old default path C:\User\ksaxton \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\Excel\XLSTART AS a result the buttons on the ribbon that run the macros do not work, How do I get these buttons to look down the new path ???
Solved by S. C. in 30 mins