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I need a formula to convert the numbers in column A and column B into values to get a linear relationship using the equation ln(k)=-(Ea/R)(1/T)+ln(A)
Solved by T. S. in 26 mins
I would like to create a function that will get only the last name on a certain group of name with a complete LN, FN & MN.
Solved by I. Q. in 16 mins
Use the data on the Batting sheet to calculate the total bases (TB), slugging percent (SLG), on base percent (OBP) and runs created (RC) in columns M-P. What is the average RC across this set of years (2000-2006)?
Solved by G. B. in 12 mins
I have a base sheet importing information into further sheets (66 sheets total). After about sheet 40 the information entered into the base sheet is not matching with the added sheet numbers. I need to figure out how to get the info from the base sheet imported into all of the correct successive sheets.
Solved by S. U. in 21 mins
In the "base sheet" tab of this workbook, I've entered information in a list for 66 different product types. The following sheets need to take the information from this base sheet. For example, sheet "1" should be importing the information entered into line 1 of the "base sheet", sheet "2" should be importing information entered into line 2 of the "base sheet", and so forth. After page 41 the information in each sheet does not match the information provided in that line of the base sheet. I need the formulas corrected so that all of the successive pages import the information from the correct corresponding lines on the base sheet.
Solved by X. S. in 19 mins