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Want to embed .pdf file in excel. When I select insert object adobe files are not an option only word documents.
Solved by D. D. in 26 mins
I am using a 2017 iMac and working with pdfs and excel. I wish to insert pdfs as objects into a Microsoft excel tracker. I go to insert on the excel ribbon and then go to object. The drop down menu only allows the insert of word and not pdf. Is there a work around for iMac?
Solved by C. E. in 17 mins
I am: 1) using the "Insert" button 2) and then, "Creating from File" 3) and then, clicking "Link to File" 4) and finally, inserting a word document with a table and formatting. I want to send this Excel document with several tabs with embedded Word documents to a customer. I want them to be able to open the embedded word documents and scroll down (documents are about 3-pages long) to read the contents. Will my customer be able to open the embedded Word Document even if it linked? Thanks, Michael
Solved by O. L. in 20 mins
I have a word document that i use to outline different priced line items within different paragraphs. I want to be able to insert cells into the paragraphs that outline different priced line items, so that when i type the number in that cell within a paragraph, it automatically fills that out int the proper cell in the separate summary of charges sheet i have at the bottom of the word document.
Solved by E. B. in 23 mins
I need a formula that if column A is a certain word It will make the value in column b negative and if the word in column a is another word the value in column b will be positive
Solved by G. W. in 15 mins