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having problems with the formula below =IF((AND(I12=0,I18=0)),"30%",IF((AND(I12>0,I18=0)),IF(VLOOKUP(H6,Sheet2!A:B,2,TRUE)>30%,"30%",IF((AND(I12=0,I18>0)),IF(VLOOKUP(H6,Sheet2!A:B,2,TRUE)>30%,"30%",IF((AND(I12>0,I18>0)),((VLOOKUP(H6,Sheet2!A:B,2,TRUE))))),(VLOOKUP(H6,Sheet2!A:B,2,TRUE))))))
Solved by O. A. in 27 mins
i need an "if" statement that runs 2 conditional tests first on 2 different cells to determine if they are greater than 0, and then runs a vlookup, if the vlookup is false, then it returns a fixed number, if it is true then it performs the vlookup IF((AND(I12>0,I18>0)),(VLOOKUP(H6,Sheet2!A:B,2,false))), "10%", ((VLOOKUP(H6,Sheet2!A:B,2,TRUE)
Solved by G. Y. in 27 mins
Solved by A. H. in 14 mins
If A is True, or B is True, or C is True, or D is True, then E is False, but if A-D is False then E is True, please help me to create a formula.
Solved by F. A. in 22 mins
I am trying to create a nested if function combining a question about marital status and then a table of percentages they pay in taxes based off of their income. this is what i have so far but it hasnt worked for some reason. what do you think? =IF(C5="Single",=VLOOKUP(C33,H7:I12,2, TRUE)=VLOOKUP(C33,K7:L12,2,TRUE))
Solved by B. H. in 23 mins