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I'm trying to use my samsung chromebook for excel and am not able to use the convert to text to columns.
Solved by B. U. in 21 mins
I am using Excel for Mac 2016. I want to add data to a column and then use text to columns to separate it. My problem, the text to columns window for setting the column breaks is too narrow and I don't know how to navigate further to the right. It was intuitive in Excel 2011. Not now.
Solved by X. A. in 15 mins
Hi, I am using Conditional Formatting in Excel. I am trying to compare text in one column to text in another column, but the text in the one of the columns is included within other text. So, for example, a cell in column A includes the phrase: "I use Excel everyday" and a cell in column B includes the phrase "use Excel". I am trying to figure out whether the phrase "use Excel" in column B appears in column A, even though it is included within other text. My entire spreadsheet is like this. Column B is a fragment of text in Column A. If I click on Conditional Formatting, New Rule, Format Only Cells That Contain, Specific Text...
Solved by O. Q. in 14 mins
I have two columns of text entries in Excel. Some of them have text in column A, others in A and B. I want to filter for the ones that have text in column A but are empty in column B. How do I do this?
Solved by M. J. in 26 mins
I am using the text to columns function to separate text from one column . Part of the text in that column is a phone number Unfortunately excel then removes the zero from each of the phone numbers . How do I resolve this ?
Solved by X. S. in 13 mins