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I need help on how to use indirect function along with sumifs function in excel.
Solved by Z. W. in 15 mins
Hello I wanted to use indirect function to get a formula from a cell if a statement is true
Solved by Z. F. in 19 mins
In cell B6, add an INDEX function that will use an INDIRECT function to retrieve the department issue list for the department listed in cell B3. Use an absolute reference to B3, and then use a relative cell reference to A6 as the row_num argument. Copy the formula down to cell B9.
Solved by T. J. in 25 mins
I have a problem regarding to How to Use the MOD Function in Excel
Solved by S. Y. in 22 mins
my indirect function works but it returns a value error when I but the product function in front of it. (INDIRECT("'eVestment Data'!"&SUBSTITUTE(ADDRESS(1,((Y2-D3+1)*12+2),4),"1","")&ROW('eVestment Data'!A60)&":"&SUBSTITUTE(ADDRESS(1,MATCH($C3,'eVestment Data'!59:59,0),4),"1","")&60)) this formula works but as soon as i add product( 1+ Indirect...), it no longer works. Attached is the excel file
Solved by T. J. in 25 mins