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Need help to cells with repeated data, I unmerge the cells and got blank cells in between , want to fill those blank cells until new value comes
Solved by S. H. in 28 mins
I am trying to unmerge cells and not lose data. Only the data in the most left of the merged cells stays but I need to keep the data in the most right cells. Please help!
Solved by B. F. in 21 mins
I am working from an excel workbook and have linked cells to a word document. My links in the word document is now broken. How do I fix this?
Solved by F. C. in 30 mins
Hi. I'm getting an error for a combined Countif, Index & Match formula. The error is occurring in 'Leaderboards", cells O7:X20, I can't determine what's wrong. I need the cells on that spreadsheet to reference the cells in "Games", even after those cells have been sorted in whatever order, & to stay correct to the relevant person. Cell O7 in "Leaderboards" is counting how many times the word '1st' appears in the 'Pos' columns in "Games'. Cell P7 is counting how many times the word '2nd' appears in the 'Pos' columns in "Games". Cell Q7 is counting the word '3rd' and so on. I would also like any blank cells to show blank & not 0.
Solved by K. J. in 27 mins
how to categorize in excel. How do I find a word in 1 cell and change the word to something else in another cell?
Solved by V. D. in 19 mins