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I type in a task then later use strike-though to show it is done. But then when I type in another task in the cell below, it automatically uses the strike-through format. I want it to stay in the normal format. How can I fix this?
Solved by A. Y. in 23 mins
i need a excel formula that strike all completed task
Solved by E. Y. in 18 mins
I need to make it so when ever there is a "0" or no value in the QTY column, it puts a strike-through font on the whole row, indicating that the item is complete and shipped out.
Solved by X. W. in 20 mins
Hi wondering if I can use conditional formatting to have set text in one cell create a strike through in another cell
Solved by V. U. in 27 mins
Conditional formatting on GOOGLE SHEETS and NOT Excel. If "All Shipped" (P) Column is TRUE, clear formatting from A:J, add strike-through. If "All Shipped" (P) Column is TRUE but there is NO VALUE in "Ship QTY" (Q) and NO VALUE in "Packing Slip" (S) , then highlight Q and S in bright yellow to prompt the user to fill out that required information.
Solved by X. H. in 30 mins