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I need to learn how to make a square around cells. example: class- date- instructor-room times how do I make lines up and down to make these in a box and can keep adding more information like above? Also for the lines not to move when I add more information
Solved by T. C. in 29 mins
How do I make the grid lines show on the screen
Solved by C. F. in 12 mins
How do you make the top 3 lines repeat on the printed sheet
Solved by X. B. in 28 mins
Excel 2007. I have, to say, 5 data sets and 5 lines on the graph. All of them have the different intervals on the x axes. I want make the trend lines for each set of data. Excel creates these 5 trend lines readily, but the lengths of all trend lines are identical and are determined by the minimal and maximal value of arguments in all 5 data sets. How can one make the length of trend line to correspond to the length of the respective data set only? David,
Solved by A. A. in 27 mins
i have a excel file that was created before me and has dotted lines outlining each cell in the worksheet but when printed come outlined in a light soild grey. How can i make this border
Solved by O. Q. in 22 mins