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Require a macro to copy from row 7 with locked, unlocked, single and merged cells to row 8. I have created below, not sure how I can include merged cell. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Application.CutCopyMode = xlCopy Then Application.EnableEvents = False Application.Undo Target.PasteSpecial xlPasteValues Application.EnableEvents = True Application.CutCopyMode = False End If End Sub Macro failed on merged cell when I copy with merged cell with single cell. merge cell to merge cell works but copy merged and single cell together does not work.
Solved by C. Q. in 17 mins
i amd trying to copy text from a merged cell on sheet 1 and send the text to a merged cell on sheet 2
Solved by K. L. in 17 mins
When sorting in Excel, I keep getting the Alert message: This operation requires the merged cells to be identically sized. Help!
Solved by D. H. in 17 mins
if i have merged cells in a column together and written in it how do i get writing in the middle of the box
Solved by S. Q. in 21 mins
when i try to sort, i get this message- This operation requires the merged cells to be identically sized. i know nothing about merged cells, didnt know i had any, i just want to, please?
Solved by O. D. in 28 mins