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Create a series of summary statistics cells that analyze the grades entered so far. Organize these statistical cells so that they are easily visually related to the data cells that they summarize. Each formula should cover the whole range of possible grades, but reflect only the grades entered so far. (5%) For each category of grades above, create cells which will compute the average of grades entered so far. Optional: Name these cells appropriately, so if used in a formula the name will appear not the cell reference. I don't understand what this problem means.
Solved by C. W. in 16 mins
I need help with a formula, I have a 2 column table one column is grades the other is names. Grades run from A+ to E-. I would like excel to list the students names in another table that correspond to the grades they received.
Solved by K. F. in 29 mins
Hello I am trying to input a formula to compute a mortgage monthly payment in excel
Solved by I. W. in 21 mins
Anybody know how to compute Utilization here?
Solved by Z. D. in 26 mins
) Create a Histogram Graph of your HW grades and your Quiz grades (you may put both in one chart or use separate charts). Create at least 3 bins (columns) in your chart. Keep the chart next to where you enter grades, not on a separate sheet, so when you enter your grades the columns will change
Solved by B. A. in 30 mins