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Hi I need to change into logaritmic scale
Solved by T. S. in 14 mins
I have an excel document that is printing in gray scale even though it is a color document. I am using a Xerox printer and the preview shows in gray scale and not in color. How can I fix this as I want it to print in color.
Solved by V. U. in 17 mins
Do you know how to get a true scale in excel for a site plan? It seem that the bigger the site plan is the more the scale gets off. I think excel is not accounting for the grid lines and it throws the cells off. Is there an option in excel to take that into account?
Solved by E. D. in 20 mins
I am on excel for mac and it will not let me change the scale/interval of the x-axis when I click on it. It will only do it for the y-axis.
Solved by D. Q. in 12 mins
How I begin a simple regression table with a 100 point scale?
Solved by M. Y. in 17 mins