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how to apply intense effect- Green Accent 6 shade style (the last style in the last row) to my gross profit to my data chart?
Solved by V. J. in 18 mins
I need to change style every time a new value is found in a column, and change the style in the column next to it as well
Solved by I. Y. in 28 mins
19. Create a pivotchart from this pivottable, using the line style. Change the pivotchart style to Style 4 (which shows droplines gridlines only below the chart line). Change the pivotchart title to Total Violations and make it bold. Remove the legend. Fill the plot area with a light gray fill. Change the line color and marker colors to dark gray. Refer to Figure 6 to check your results.
Solved by B. S. in 27 mins
Question 4 On sheet 2 of the Excel Basics Spreadsheet Assignment, use the data to create a line chart and column chart. Apply a chart style. In cell A7 tell which type of chart is best for this data (line or column) and explain why
Solved by T. U. in 14 mins
Hello I'm using the Agile Gantt Chart template in Excel but want to know how to change the timescale from days to weeks?
Solved by V. J. in 26 mins