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I need a formula to calculate the number of male/female student in a particular grade PK-6 grade. student have a gender column & grade column, how do I write the formula that give the answer of how many male or females in particular grade
Solved by B. U. in 12 mins
-In column L, calculate the overall average grade for each students chapter assignments and exam. The overall average grade is the average of the contents in columns D through J. In Row 14 for each chapter and exam, create an AVERAGEIF function to calculate the average grade for those students who actually received a grade other than 0. Format both Row 14 and Column L to show one decimal. -In column M, calculate the final grade using a nested IF statement using the guidelines below: ------------ -Use conditional formatting in the final grade cell using light red fill with dark red text for any student earning an F. RULES ARE DOWNLOADED
Solved by Z. J. in 23 mins
1. This class uses weighting, which you will need to account for in the calculation. Exams are worth 80% of the grade, and the class project is worth 20% of the grade. To calculate the final grade percentage you will need to add up the exam scores; then divide by the total number of exam points and then multiply by the weighted percentage. In a similar manner, calculate the percentage for the project. Then add the two totals together to get the final grade. 2. Once you have the grade percentages, then calculate the letter grades and plus/minus letter grades.
Solved by V. U. in 26 mins
I need support in Excel formula. When I enter my desired location and Grade, it should give its value. I want to calculate the Value in column J, row 7.
Solved by I. C. in 29 mins
Calculate the grade for each student using the following guidelines: The grade is "Pass" if the quiz score in each quiz is greater than 80 or the quiz average is greater than 75; otherwise the grade is fail. Use logic functions in your formula.
Solved by A. A. in 22 mins