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1. Align the Text to the right. 2. Insert a new row between John and Jimmy. 3. Set the Page Orientation to "Landscape".
Solved by M. F. in 15 mins
Hi I am trying to edit a data table in excel to align the same and it is working
Solved by G. A. in 18 mins
I cannot figure out how to get both X and Y axis to align at the same "zero" in my chart
Solved by C. B. in 22 mins
How to count cells incldes text in excel
Solved by E. J. in 24 mins
Hi, I would like to align to unalike lists by item code number. for example, a list from 0-1000 with all numbers and a second list to align but the second list has 500 item's not in a row
Solved by G. J. in 23 mins