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I need a formula that will generate a percentage based off a chart of numbers. This is for a commission percentage reporting. So basically if the gross profit margin is 60%, the commission will be 15%. If the gross profit margin is 40%, the commission will be 5%. I have a cell that I will manually be entering the gross profit margin, so now I need a function that will generate the commission percentage based off what I type into the gross profit margin cell.
Solved by B. B. in 28 mins
Hi- I have a pivot table that is creating a profit and loss from several fields. I would like to create a % row- however as it is a row that is a function of several different fields I do not know how this is possible. Example would be gross profit % which is the gross profit $ divided by the total income $. Thanks, Dimity
Solved by O. H. in 12 mins
how to apply intense effect- Green Accent 6 shade style (the last style in the last row) to my gross profit to my data chart?
Solved by V. J. in 18 mins
I need a formula to calculate an employer 401k match, but the match caps at a flat rate. I have some people deferring a % and some deferring a flat rate. Whatever they are deferring needs to be capped and then calculated to represent the chunk for the 2 week paycheck. Ex: 3% deferral, gross $2,000, caps at $100/month. Ex 2: $45/paycheck deferral, gross $3,301.90, caps at $90/month.
Solved by F. Q. in 19 mins
Using the information on the worksheet named ‘December’ design a spread sheet on a separate worksheet (named ‘Dec Valuations’) that: • Shows clearly inventory movements in units (opening, sales and purchases) and calculates the closing inventory (units). • Includes a closing inventory valuation in £ clearly showing how this is made up • Incudes a separate calculation of the gross profit, showing revenue, cost of sales (split into its components) and the gross profit figure
Solved by O. B. in 27 mins