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Custom formatting help to custom format based on multiple cell values
Solved by V. E. in 20 mins
Need to Combine cells that have a custom format in to a single cell. Leading "0" are missing using & character and CONCAT.
Solved by G. S. in 17 mins
I want a custom format for a drivers license, example:A1234-56789-12345
Solved by B. J. in 12 mins
I have what I hope is an easy problem to resolve. I create spreadsheets with the format I require usually including fill color in some cells. When I open the file later all of the custom formatting has disappeared. The cells with color now have no color. The columns that I set at 20 ends up back to the default width. How can I ensure that these custom formats are retained?
Solved by M. J. in 14 mins
I am trying to convert a column of different date formats to one format, and properly autofit row height after - however even if I format cells - custom to 'ddd, mmm dd, yyyy \at h:mm AM/PM' (the format I want), it does not change. Autofit row height also does not work. The sheet and cells are not locked. The row heights in many cases have been manually adjusted.
Solved by A. E. in 20 mins