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Im getting an error on this code when trying to filter on VBA userform using listbox: .List = Application.Index(vData, _ Evaluate("Row(1:" & lMatches & ")"), _ Evaluate("Column(1:" & UBound(vData, 2) & ")")) Im getting error : "Application-defined or object-defined error."
Solved by Z. H. in 25 mins
hi i am looking for vba expert . i need to modify an vba excel file.
Solved by X. E. in 21 mins
VBA Excel. I have request from my boss to have a button on the VBA Excel Form to print a work order and put the Equipment Name that is on the VBA form in the Work Order (a word doc) and print it.
Solved by F. F. in 26 mins
I'm trying to run a Jensen's Regression and my code is not working. The debugger says my offcol = UBound(result, 1) is a type mismatch. Below is the code I have wrote. Any help would be great. Sub regCAPM(xrange, yrange) 'jensen regression Dim result Dim pval As Single, tstat As Single, alpha As Single Dim offcol As Integer, offst As Integer result = Application.LinEst(Range(yrange).Value, Range(xrange).Value, 1, 1) offcol = UBound(result, 2) 'why??????????? If offcol = 2 Then offst = 0 ElseIf offcol = 4 Then offst = 1 Else offst = 2 End If
Solved by E. U. in 28 mins
i need help with VBA is this included and are all operatives experts in VBA and not just excel
Solved by X. Q. in 23 mins