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I need to on the Sort worksheet, sort the data in ascending order by Customer Type, then in ascending order by Delivered To, and then in ascending order by Customer.
Solved by F. D. in 27 mins
how do i sort cells by last name in ascending order
Solved by V. D. in 18 mins
Record a macro named Sort. Ensure the macro sorts the Inventory list in ascending order based on the dates listed in column F.
Solved by V. U. in 17 mins
I have Mac Excel 2016. I need to sort a column in a way which is neither ascending nor descending, and it doesn't concern days of week or months. It won't let me create my own order in custom sort.
Solved by C. A. in 13 mins
Question 1: How do I automatically (without out pressing the sort button) sort data in ascending order? Question 2: Alot of my values will be 0, and therefore if I sort in ascending order, they will stay at the top of the list. How can I automatically sort it, in ascending order, but keep the cells with 0 at the bottom of the column. e.g. in the below example, how do I sort so that Player 1 - 4 remains at the bottom? PLAYER 1. 0 PLAYER 2. 0 PLAYER 3. 0 PLAYER 4. 0 PLAYER 5. 2 PLAYER 6. 10 PLAYER 7. 12 Thanks you very much. Kind Regards Matthew
Solved by K. Y. in 12 mins