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In VBA for Excel 2016, I am puzzled why 'Range(Cells(3,6)).Value' gives an error whereas 'Cells(3.6).Value' does not.
Solved by G. D. in 24 mins
How do I lock the reference range? When I copy and paste, the lookup value changes which is good, but it changes the reference range and can no longer find the lookup value.
Solved by Z. J. in 11 mins
vba to save all sheet in a workbook to csv with range and exclude value 0
Solved by S. B. in 12 mins
insert an if function that first tests whether the value in cell b16 is equal to an empty text string. if it is, return an empty text string; otherwise, apply a lookup function to retrieve the lookup value from the table in the range f5:h8 using the value of cell b16 as the lookup value
Solved by T. B. in 20 mins
VLOOKUP function to display the number of calories in the selected boxed set. Use the boxed set listed in cell I5 as the lookup value, the range A14:D17 as the table array, column number 2 as the column index number, and FALSE as the range lookup value. Use absolute references for cell I5 and the range A14:D17.
Solved by X. S. in 16 mins