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I put =TEXT(A2,"MMM") in cell C2 to get the month in text format but it did not work
Solved by T. L. in 30 mins
The table is updated with the information, where the chart is supposed to only show the current month based on a specific cell, shown in the attached excel file. Example text Period 01JAN18 0001 to 31JAN18 2259 What the chart needs to do is match the text with a month, so if the text says JAN its supposed to grab the data for January, if it says FEB its supposed to grab the data for February. Currently the chart shows the data for every single month, where I then have to filter out the current month and Year To Date
Solved by E. E. in 18 mins
Extracting month from date: Hi, please show the simplest formula to show the 'anniversary month' in column D. First as a number then as text. Thanks
Solved by V. W. in 15 mins
I need a formula to make the month and year show in text in a cell that will change with the month automatically, but will also allow me to have Employee Goals in the same cell.
Solved by M. J. in 13 mins
i want to extract from a date the year and month to be in the format yearly-monthly as a number/date not text
Solved by O. D. in 23 mins