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i need a formula that create a new sheet for every new name in "D" column cells and sheet name is like the cell ,also add that cell whole row data to sheet and if the name is repeted add that row data too, also the new sheet that is created has a format ex. d2= temp ---> new sheet: nama=temp/all data from a2:i2 move to new sheet(temp)/with the format that i created d3= coin ---> new sheet: name=coin/all data from a3:i3 move to new sheet(coin)/with the format that i created d4= temp ---> oldsheet: nama=temp/all data from a4:i4 move to old sheet(temp)/with the format that i created all sheet format are the same but they have some formula
Solved by O. C. in 25 mins
I have data in excel. 5 tables of temp (Column B - 1st data set) and corresponding time (Column D - 1st data set) I am getting a value from a software when this data is fed in the system - A temp (B4) and a time (C4). I need to find a equation/formula which will replicate this is excel.
Solved by X. W. in 17 mins
how to apply auto-populate on drop down list that is dependent - ex: cell 1: either enter an agency or not - cell 2: depending the agency chosen it will show the linked clients - if no agency is selected, it show the direct client list - how do I populate the address depending of the selection of cell 2
Solved by D. H. in 23 mins
Example: I am comparing data the shows Agency Acquisition - External or Agency Acquisition and Seed Book 2.0 or Seed Book or Traditional and Traditional. I would like a formula that shows if they are they same then the result is "OK" or if it shows 2 different values but they match as in Agency Acquisition - External or Agency Acquisition or Seed Book and Seed Book 2.0 this is still a match. Can I combine these all into one formula?
Solved by G. S. in 12 mins
We've recently started offering a service to agencies where we send them a specific number of leads based on their purchase... We will be spreading leads EVENLY between 5 different agencies. Once an agency has run out of leads available to them the next agency in line would start receiving those leads. Some Agencies will only be getting leads for 1 or 2 of the types of support the lead requested, and the other would go to another agency. there MUST Be at least 2 different tabs to manage this: Leads (imported through an automated system) Agency (Set manually)
Solved by G. S. in 19 mins