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How do I break the relationship of groups of radio buttons? I've set it up to change color when a radio button is selected by using conditional formatting from another cell with numbers, but when I add more than two, I can't get it to work because it changes it to 3 which makes all the ones in that column green instead of just the one I select. I tried assigning the new radio buttons to a different cell, but it still keeps count for all the radio buttons. How do I break that relationship or is there another way to go about coloring a cell when a radio button is enabled?
Solved by X. Q. in 29 mins
=SUMPRODUCT(--('[Data Ops Progress - Radio P1801-P1810.xlsx]ACBC - Paper'!$X:$X>=G3),('[Data Ops Progress - Radio P1801-P1810.xlsx]ACBC - Paper'!$X:$X<=G4),( '[Data Ops Progress - Radio P1801-P1810.xlsx]ACBC - Paper'!$A:$A="P1807"))
Solved by F. L. in 29 mins
The Collins company needs your help again. They are trying to decide between four different methods of advertising, Newspaper, Television, Primer Radio and Afternoon Radio. The best mix is the mix that maximizes the audience, which is calculated by Units times Audience per spot. Remember, you cannot run a half of an add, so the solutions must be whole number integers. Remember, when using solver, include a screen cap of the GUI. Measure Maximum Minimum Audience per spot Cost Total Budget $16,000 TV 24 0 5,000 $400 Newspaper 10 0 8,500 $300 Prime Radio 45 0 2,400 $180 Afternoon Radio 40 0 2,800 $160
Solved by X. F. in 24 mins
need help adding a reference to my formula : =SUMIFS('[Data Ops Progress - Radio P1801-P1810.xlsx]ACBC - Paper'!$V:$V, '[Data Ops Progress - Radio P1801-P1810.xlsx]ACBC - Paper'!$A:$A, "="&"P1804", '[Data Ops Progress - Radio P1801-P1810.xlsx]ACBC - Paper'!$X:$X, ">="&$C$3,'[Data Ops Progress - Radio P1801-P1810.xlsx]ACBC - Paper'!$X:$X, "<="&$C$4) this formula sums the total time in one column if it falls between certain dates as specified in another column but i want to change it a bit. Since each item has a category number from 1 - 5 i want to sum the total time for each category separately between the dates specified.
Solved by A. A. in 28 mins
Need help with creating a button on excel.
Solved by C. F. in 15 mins