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At each change in record (lookup) If one or more code within LOOKUP contain specific code, Total all lines within record in specified cell If does not contain specific code, Total those lines in cell other specified cell
Solved by T. A. in 28 mins
I am trying to sum multiple lines for the same item using vlook up but not having any success using Sum. I'm sure overlooking something. Qty are in one column and multiple rows. Can you advise?
Solved by F. F. in 11 mins
I need to type some words in three lines in one cell, so how could can I?
Solved by A. D. in 11 mins
I need help on "remodeling" this spreadsheet. I'd like to have multiple production lines per crew foreman, on one line? also need multiple daily summaries (one per calendar day) roll into the daily rollup tab.
Solved by O. U. in 24 mins
Hi there, I've got multiple lines of text that I would like conditional formatting added to, to highlight each sentence differently as it appears in a cell. i.e. Peter Rabbit (cell: a1 - highlight: red) Mother Goose (cell: a2 - highlight green) Simon Peter (cell: a3 - highlight: yellow) and so on... but the toolbar option only seems to allow for one colour and one parameter. Is there an equation for it? Thanks
Solved by I. J. in 13 mins