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Architecture Interior Design Combined Hourly Rate Principal 15 5 18 $150 Sr. designer 25 35 40 $110 Drafter 40 30 60 $75 Administrator 5 5 8 $50
Solved by S. H. in 24 mins
I have a drop down list with 3 options (exterior, interior, electrical). If a selection of exterior is chosen, i would like another cell to calculate the sum of two other cells. How can i create?
Solved by S. H. in 29 mins
Excel has been doing strange things all day, to the extent that I just uninstalled and reinstalled Office 365. That didn't help a lot, with the possible exception of reducing the frequency of freezes, and I continue to get an error at a simple line of code to change the interior color of a range defined using the CELLS method. I can copy the line to the Immediate window, replace one variable with the actual number, and run it successfully.
Solved by D. D. in 13 mins
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Solved by E. H. in 13 mins
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Solved by F. A. in 11 mins