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I have two columns with ID numbers representing students in a school- if either column has a number that starts with 480, I need that number in a new column.
Solved by V. D. in 20 mins
how to do continuous recursive formula. Starts with n=0 being week one starting with 1 second. Continues to week 35. Every week the seconds double. Need to put in first formula and excel does the rest.
Solved by X. W. in 25 mins
when I bring up excel it automatically starts/attempts to open all of the files in my documents folder. how do I fix this?
Solved by X. B. in 17 mins
I have spreadsheets I have accessed for years. I am subscribed to Microsoft Office 365 and it renewed in September. I cannot access my Excel spreadsheets - it looks like it's loading, then stops, then starts, etc. Should I re-install? If so, how?
Solved by E. C. in 29 mins
I am working in EXCEL with timecodes for TV. I need to be able to ripple an entire list of "in times" by adding or subtracting second increments. ex. segment time starts @: "01:12:15"- hrs:mins:secs", I need to change the in time by "04:" seconds, so it starts at "01:12:19", then I need to ripple all subsequents times by adding the ':04". Had a formula but lost it. Can you help me?
Solved by I. H. in 23 mins